Focus Capital Group (FCG) is an investment company focusing in special situations. FCG’s experience has been entirely with underperforming, distressed businesses, industrial, commercial and holding companies.

 FCG operates globally with a focus on Israel.

Focus Capital Group operates in the following areas:

  • Principal      Investment:  Friendly acquisitions of controlling interests in      Israeli companies; takeover, restructure and sell-off transactions
  • Investment      Banking:  Financial and strategic advisory services to Israeli      and Global Fortune 500 companies
  • New      Ventures:  Investment and business development activities in      early-stage companies

Background – FCG invests and advises

Focus Capital Group was founded in 1988 by Meir Arnon, a renowned Israeli buyout expert, who has served as Chairman and CEO since the firm’s inception. The firm invested its equity in industrial companies as well as start-up ventures, and provided M&A advisory services to major corporate clients and Global Fortune 500 such as EDS, Kimberly Clark, Frito Lay, Masonite International and others as well as to several leading Israeli companies.

Investment strategy – the FCG way

FCG seeks substantial capital appreciation by investing its capital in, and applying its turnaround and management expertise to, under-performing, troubled and distressed companies. FCG makes investments that can lead to sole or shared control or substantial influence over businesses through ownership of equity, debt (including loans and trade claims) or other securities capable of providing equity-like returns. FCG leverages the capital employed with the management, turnaround, financial restructuring, crisis management and unique special situation capabilities of FCG’s managers and their affiliates to seek corporate transformations and high return. Our team brings decades of hands-on experience in various industries to companies facing major financial and operational obstacles. FCG follows its practice of developing a profit-improvement, turnaround and/or restructuring plan and taking an active role to see to it that the plan is implemented. Investments are typically harvested within one- three years, usually through sales to a strategic partner.

Performance – FCG’s track record

Since its founding, FCG has managed over $500 Million in aggregate investment, completing ten principal investment transactions and advising on over ten M&A deals. Nine of the ten principal investment transactions have been profitably exited. Our two most recent transactions are Advantech (sold to Ze’ev Yanai) and Vulcan (recently sold to the B.M.B. Properties).

For the past three decades, FCG has successfully initiated and executed over 20 major investment and M&A transactions, restructuring and exits. FCG has successfully led the turnaround of various under performing or distressed businesses, deploying the firm’s capital, alongside that of trusted partners, in investment opportunities.

FCG and its team have a proven track record, realizing, on average, strong returns and returning initial investments several times over. We deliver results!

Opportunities – FCG seeks new partners! 

We are currently exploring the value of an exciting new venture (VoltaTechOri : Volta2² – a spin-off of Vulcan Automotive Industries Ltd.) that will enable a significant improvement in the operating life of the Lead Acid battery, while reducing its weight and size, through the introduction of Nano-materials into the active mass of the battery.

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